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To ensure you're getting the correct set size, measuring your nails or ordering a "SAMPLE PACK" is highly recommended! 

-Using a small soft measuring tape (sold at your local craft store, Michaels, Walmart, etc) measure the widest part of your nail bed on each finger starting with your thumb. *only nail bed, not skin around nail* Be sure to measure in MM.

-Provide measurements for your custom set by sending me it in this format USING OUR SIZE CHART BELOW (example sizes for premade sets)-

LARGE- 0,3,2,3,6

MEDIUM- 0,4,3,4,7

SMALL- 1,5,4,5,8

X SMALL- 2,6,5,6,9

 (it's always good to be a half size bigger if need be than smaller, if too small, your nail could pop off easily by not being flat on the nail bed*)


0- 15mm

1- 14mm

2- 13mm

3- 12mm

4- 11mm

5- 10.5mm

6- 9mm

7- 8mm

8- 7mm

9- 6.5mm